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Key Features:

The Original Certified Pool Fence
With a patented, removable, self-closing, non-climbable pool gate

Why do you need a pool fence?

Safety is of utmost importance – Over 300 children drown in residential pools every year. A fence does not eliminate drownings but they sure do help. Make sure you also have adult supervision while youngsters swim in your pool. A fence will also help keep your pet from getting in the pool and either drowning or ruining your pool liner.

A fence may be required by law – Even though, there is not a Federal law requiring a fence around your pool, there may be a local law. Check with your municipality to see what is required. If you foster children or are planning to adopt and you have a pool, you will need to have a fence installed.

Why pick Guardian Pool Fence? See our video

COLOR VARIETY: We offer great selection of colors to match your pool and landscape design.

NON CLIMBABLE: No top cross bar. It's very difficult for small children to climb over the fence because there's nothing to hold on to.

SELF CLOSING: To prevent accidents, our fences come with a self-closing, self-latching pool gate.

“In my opinion, your safety fence and the locking mechanism is the most superior system I have ever seen for a home pool. I have family backyard barbeques during summer and we can be assured our kids won't get into the pool unless we open the gate to the pool. I would recommend your security fence to anyone with a pool.” (Raymond Fox -Retired Captain, Clark County NV Fire Department)

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PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: Our Mesh Pool Fences will be installed by our professional, trained installers. 

REMOVABLE: Using our patented locking sleeve you can safely remove our fence when needed

LOCKABLE GATE: We use the award winning Magnalatch locking system. It's the World's safest pool gate latch.